The First Distributed Mining Pool Running in the Filecoin Mainnet

After half a year, Venus (go-filecoin) has been running the first distributed mining pool in the Filecoin Mainnet, from the stagnation of development.

Now, the latest version of Venus has been released on GitHub. If you need any support during mining, please feel free to contact Venus team:

  • Slack: fil-venus channel of
  • GitHub:
  • WeChat: Filecoin-Venus
  • E-mail:

Venus node: f0128788

Distributed mining pool connected to several nodes

Shared components can be provided by miners, miners unions or third-party services. Miners only need to focus on the operations and maintenance of local independent components. If miners deploy all or part of the shared components locally, they can deploy distributed mining pool more flexibly.

Venus Architecture Diagram
Venus Architecture Diagram
Venus Architecture Diagram

The Venus components has passed the tests of 2K, calibration, Nerpa and Mainnet network. Based on f0128788, we built a complete set of Venus components and the first distributed mining pool in the Filecoin Mainnet. This mining pool has been connected to several distributed nodes, which means that Filecoin has had the first real distributed mining pool.

The Miners

Venus distributed mining pool is more suitable for small miners, rather than big miners. In the first step, we try to connect more nodes below 2PiB to join Venus mining pool, or guide miners to deploy their own distributed mining pool. The implementation of the current version can save hardware resources, ensure the stability of block rewards, enhance security of wallet address, and improve the speed of sending message on chain, for the miners inside the mining pool.

Free service, welcome to access

We plan to open the quota of 15 miners, which might be adjusted according to the actual operation in the future. Welcome to contact us through these platforms:

  • Slack:
  • Github:
  • Wechat: Filecoin-Venus
  • E-mail:

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