The Storage Provider Incubation Center brings together the Filecoin Foundation and Venus Team to provide funding and technical support to small and medium storage providers.

The idea is to make it simple and convenient for small storage providers to join the Filecoin network by lowering the barrier to entry. Two ways to participate (two sub-projects): enter the Incubation Center or be a Venus Master.

Some nodes from Europe, Asia and North America are running stably in the phase 1 of the Incubation Center with the support of the Venus team and community. …

What exactly is a sector for storage providers?

Why do some people choose 64GiB and others choose 32GiB? And how is the gas fee calculated?

What type of sector is more cost-effective to use in a specific situation?

  1. The Filecoin sector is not a physical sector.

From a physical perspective, a disk is divided into disk combinations, single disks, disk surfaces, tracks, and sectors according to levels. Each disk has multiple concentric tracks, which are divided into multiple parts. The arc length of each part plus two radii form exactly a sector, which is called a sector. …

1. Application

1.1 Submit application

Overview of the incubation center

At 23:43 (UTC+8:00) on August 31, 2021, the Network Storage Power of Filecoin exceeded 10 EiB for the first time, ushering in another exciting milestone.

In this article, we will talk about the current status of the Filecoin network and its real data storage through the data on the Filecoin block explorer.

Current network status: rapid growth

According to data from the block browser Filscan. io, after the Network Storage Power reached 10 EiB, it continued to grow steadily at a power growth which more than 50PiB per day, without any network fluctuations.

On September 1st, the Network Storage Power…

The Storage Provider Incubation Center has been in operation for exactly one month since launched on July 26. At present, storage providers from North America, Asia, and Europe are running stably with Venus. At this moment, we interviewed representatives from North America and Asia.

Q1:Hello, tell us more about yourself and your team.

Satee Penke: Hi, I am Satee Penke, co-founder of Zeethio and head of a small team of engineers located in Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay area). At Zeethio we are developing Blockchain integrated video content distribution and payment platform. …

2020–8–25 to 2021–08–25, unknowingly, has reached the first anniversary of the Filecoin space race, so what changes have occurred in the Filecoin network and ecosystem during this year? And how is it changing the status quo of storage step by step? Here’s a review.

The Filecoin ecosystem is growing rapidly

Filecoin’s effective storage power will soon exceed 10EiB

Since last year, 3,035 storage providers have participated in-network storage. Over one year, they contributed a total of 9.58EiB of storage, with an average daily growth rate of about 27PiB. In addition, as the network gradually maturates and the number of participants…

Filscan launched its 2.1.0 Pro version on 6th August , aims to implement effective data monitoring, historical data query and email alerts to give out the instant update for Filecoin investors.

So, why is Filscan obsessed with data monitoring?

Indispensable vast data monitoring project

Data monitoring is an essential function in the operation and maintenance of Filecoin network, which can provide instant and effective feedback on data anomalies as a means to monitor abnormal storage conditions, analyze the data, deal with the problem, and avoid unnecessary network penalties.

In order to prevent more Filecoin storage nodes from being punished by…

Together with Filecoin Foundation, Filecoin Storage Provider Incubation Center (Incubation Center) sets the rewards of 100Fil for each storage provider who successfully joins the center.

We are thrilled to bring these updates. The first phase of the “Incubation Center” has been running smoothly for 2 weeks. These participants include storage providers in North America, Europe and Asia. At the same time, thanks to their feedback during their operation, Venus has also recently made more optimizations to ensure the stable operation of incubation centers.

When the Incubation Center was launched, it was planned to provide financial and technical support for participants…

As the storage power of Filecoin network increases linearly, the fluctuating wincount rate urges Filecoin network to shift from storage system to storage pool, which is a trend. In this mechanism, no matter how many resources small and medium-sized storage providers can provide, by joining the distributed storage pool to participate in the service, no matter whether they get wincount or not, they can obtain corresponding benefits through their contribution to the storage pool.

In the Filecoin network, distributed storage pools provide chain services, maximize the use of network resources and provide more stable chain services, which is more beneficial…

Filecoin Grant Hackathon closed its voting period on July 18th. 45 teams from US, China, India, Europe and Africa submitted applications and have received a total funding of 249,000 USD. We are honored that Filscan, as the third place, received high votes from the community and experts, and has been awarded prize funding.

Why does Filscan stand out in the Hackathon rankings?

In the Demo, the marketing leader of Filscan explained its development as an eco-first data service browser since its launch in 2019. Filecoin supports DevNet, TestNet, Calibration, and MainNet. Really drive the Filecoin network forward.

Filscan 2.0 has…

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