This is exciting! The first phase of Filecoin Storage Provider Incubation Center was officially launched on July 26. At present, dozens of storage providers have submitted applications, we will support these applicants to the distributed storage pool of the Incubation Center.

On July 7, Filecoin Foundation and Venus Team jointly announced the Filecoin Storage Provider Incubation Center, which is committed to developing and supporting storage providers, developers and clients in the Filecoin ecosystem. The Center will provide technical, financial related support for small and medium Filecoin storage providers all over the world.

Filecoin is becoming more and more powerful, and the Filecoin ecosystem is thriving. Protocol LABS recently released a comprehensive picture of Filecoin’s ecosystem, covering “applications and clients, protocol lab, development tools, infrastructure, and eco-capital,” which is a huge and excellent ecosystem for Filecoin in less than a year on the mainnet. Although the mainnet has been online for less than six months, the Filecoin network already has one of the most active developer ecosystems in Web 3.0.

The first thing that comes to mind for ecology participants are Hackathons, which take place on weekends and are the incubators of most…

On July 18th, the Filecoin Grant Hackathon came to a successful conclusion. 45 teams from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Africa and other regions submitted applications through HackerLink, an open source developer platform called Dorahacks. Filscan also participated as the first data service browser in the Filecoin ecosystem, and ranked in the top three in community voting.

The amount of Filecoin network storage power growth per day kept surging to new highs from July 1, as the starting day of HyperDrive upgrade. But if we calculate the amount and define the “growth” more precisely, the start of the real storage power growth shall be counted on July 5. Taking the amount of growth on July 2 as an example, though it’s over 90 PiB , part of the growth is to recover the power loss during Filecoin v13 HyperDrive Network upgrade.

So, what does the amazing daily growth after HyperDrive upgrade stand for? …

In previous article, we have explained why HyperDrive upgrade on July 1 (Beijing time) was so important to Filecoin nework, which was due to that the reduction of the transaction fee in PreCommitSector and ProveCommitSector can improve storage efficiency.

This article mainly describes how to calculate the Gas fee after HyperDrive upgrade, taking the test result on Calibration network.

Calibration net: 0.2PiB storage power growth & 0.1 FIL total consumption per day on Filecoin network

In the Calibration network, Basefee is fixed at 100 nanoFIL, the current daily storage power growth of the whole network is about 0.2 PiB (starting…

Venus recently completed a security audit and released an audit report by Least Authority. At the same time, the Venus team released a milestone version — venus v1.0.0, which will enable global storage providers (miners) and storage clients to store their valuable data on the largest distributed storage network-Filecoin.

Venus Milestone

Venus(previously known as go-filecoin) resumed development in October 2020 as handed over and maintained by the IPFSForce team, Venus has released several versions after that. Two milestones have been achieved, from chain synchronization to returning to the mainnet, from the first node deployed to the first storage pool (mining pool) built…

We are in the early stage of transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0. IPFS and Filecoin are trying to help us return the control of data from traditional centralized service providers to its real owners by means of decentralized storage.

With the leakage of sensitive information, people pay more attention to privacy. However, the privacy problem is not directly solved by Filecoin, but needs to be stacked with differential privacy, zero knowledge proof and privacy computing to make Lego Universe in Web3 world.

On June 15, the European Court of Justice issued a notice saying that under certain conditions, data privacy…

Hello, everyone! I’m Filscan 2.0. Whether you have been a fan of Filscan for a long time or just joined in Filecoin network, I guess you must have vacillated among all Filecoin browsers and confused about a good choice, and I believe our amazing Data Force will keep grabbing your attention once you enter in your System Explorer and press the “Enter” button. And then, your cluster operation status, its performance in the whole network and Filecoin’s market trend… all can be clearly displayed at the same time.

As a blockchain player, CREDIBILITY, TRANSPARENCY and IMMUTABILITY are also the…

The fluctuation of the price has been a great interest to the Filecoin investors because it will impact the different investing decisions.

The market is repaidly-changing,with many impacts, such as new investors, policy influences, hardware costs, profitability, and so on.

Among them there is a critical factor — deflation, which has also attracted much attention from the market. Throughout this research, we will have series of assumption on Filecoin’s deflation.

Concept Definition:

Small deflation: the narrow sense of deflation, which means that the release amount (released by foundations, teams, mining, etc.) …

Venus is an implementation of the Filecoin in Go, the program language that the Filecoin miners are familiar with. Now, with the power from IPFSForce community, Venus has came back to Filecoin mainnet with the new feature — DISTRIBUTED MINING POOL.

Recently, the team has brought the newest update and practice-based cases in 1st quarter to three China blockchain innovative cities — Chengdu, Suzhou and Nanjing.

IPFS Force

Web 3.0 Infrastructure Service Provider

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